​We have started our journey with the idea to offer export consultancy to the Turkish furniture manufacturers. Over 4 years of experience in the consulting and outsourcing export sales and operations management, we have reached a portfolio of manufacturers ranging from small to big and accreditated.

SG International Trade is acting as a supplier on behalf of the Turkish furniture industry and manufacturers. We as the commercial agent of our partners are mainly focusing on the EMEA regions and North American markets.


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What do you offer for buyers?
Do I have to pay any commission as a buyer?

No. Manufacturers will be handling the reasonable cost of marketing and sales.

*If you ask for our assistance in Turkey other than our portfolio of partner companies, we would like to serve you with an additional fixed fee.

Can I meet the manufacturers?

Yes. You will officially make the trade with the manufacturers.

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What are the outcomes of working with a commercial agent?

Unlike the methods of conventional business, you are not going to incur any cost of sales and marketing before the sale closed.

You will gain easy and fast access to the European and the North American market without investing in an export department.

You will focus on your craftsmanship.

Can I make a research and find customers for export in addition to your service? Can we make a regional partnership?

Yes. Our main focus is on the European and the North American market. You can focus on other markets.

We offer a holistic service for the EMEA region and North America. We are fully confident of our high-quality service with the manufacturing quality and craftsmanship of the Turkish Furniture Industries, and the logistical advantage of the Euroasian central position of Turkey.